PLEASE NOTE: Campervans will incur an additional charge and must be no longer than 25ft and strictly no buses on site. Please purchase your camping tickets for each person and add your camper van on top.


Due to our license, no Alcohol will be allowed to be brought into the main arena and there maybe bag searches to enter the main arena also.


If you are lucky enough to look under 25, when you arrive we will be requesting ID if you wish to be buying Alcohol


We will be considering band applications as of October 2017, we've already had interest shown, so don't leave it too late to apply.


This and other festivals never have too many helpers, so if you would like to join our merry team please get in touch. We are particularly looking for people with Marketing/Advertising/Social Media skills as well as a Volunteer Coodinator and Site Manager. We're a very social team with a mix of ages and professions, so don't be shy if you think you have something to offer.


Enjoy 2017 and see you again in 2018! 




Your thoughts wander for a moment and you laugh to yourself at the thought of trying to put that tent up yesterday (why can you never remember how it goes up?). Then after relaxing in the camping chairs for a moment and congratulating yourselves for finally putting it up, you take the children to go and play in the ‘kids zone’, all laughter and giggles.

Then you wanderround the stalls and buy yourself a bowler hat, it suits you, (or so you think?). Your friends arrive, so you pull up a hay bale, sit and chat and listen to the many varied acts whilst washing it down with a local cider from the bar.

And there’s that sunset that we were talking about! It’s beautiful from this vantage point, just setting over the main stage and you can see for miles, you didn’t realise how far. Then they light the beacon! And that smiles back again!!!

Still curious? Why not follow us to one of the best, non-profit making, family music festivals in Oxfordshire.




If you’re reading this right now, it means you’re curious. Then let us take you by the hand and lead you on a short journey through the festival, it will only take a minute.

Imagine a sunset! You’re thinking the Bahamas, Mauritius maybe? Well what if we told you, that most beautiful sunset is much closer than you think, in fact right under your nose, here in Oxfordshire.

Believe us yet? Then allow us to set the scene……

Music is playing from the main stage, you have a huge smile on your face because you’re really enjoying this band (you never heard them before!). You have discovered some new, up and coming bands this weekend but this is your favourite. Your child is sat on your shoulders blowing bubbles and the soap keeps dripping on your forehead but you don’t mind, it’s making you laugh. Your partner is by your side having a little jig. Then a friend walks over with a beer for you and Mojito from the cocktail bar for your partner. You’ll probably get an ice cream for the littlen in a while, when they’ve finished dripping soap on your forehead. Your stomach is full from sampling some fantastic food at the stalls, there’s probably still room for a bit of cheese later though?



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Countdown Beacon Festival 2018 15-16 June